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Bandana Protective Mask

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Bandana Protective Mask

Fashion, Comfort, Breathable

Steps to wear a mask properly

  1. Take out the mask from the packaging bag and wear it close to the face.
  2. Hold the mask on the face with hands and hold it against the chin.
  3. Hang the two sid ear bands well, and adjust the bridge of the nose to fix them on the bridge of the nose.
  4. Adjust the overall mask to completely cover the mouth and nose without gaps.

Health tips

  1. This product is a fashion mask (non-medical mask), which should be cleaned and exposed to the sun before use.
  2. When wearing, please distinguish the front and the back. As dust sticks to the outside of the back, direct contact between the mouth and nose will damage your health.
  3. Wash and disinfect once a day, first wash with warm water and soap, then scald with boiling water for 5 minutes, rinse with water and dry in the sun.

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